Is Personal Training a better fit for you?

For many people, our CrossFit group classes will satisfy their need for superior fitness levels, yet the group classes are not the ideal solution to every person and situation. For some, heading straight into the CrossFit group classes may seem overwhelming.

We use a variety of movements that can be unfamiliar and awkward at first, and personal instruction is the best way to acquaint yourself with a large staple of effective exercises and ensure that you are performing them correctly.

If you are just getting back into an exercise program, maybe entirely new to exercise, or feel that you have special needs which require personal attention, we can provide the instruction you need. In this capacity we have worked with the overweight, the recently sedentary, and those completely unfamiliar with proper exercise mechanics.

This is the “Personal Training” most are familiar with, using basic CrossFit principles to achieve your goals of weight loss, fitness, and health.